Hotel Facility For Guests by Akitoshi Imafuku

Akitoshi Imafuku Shares The Cave Bar Hotel Facility For Guests

Akitoshi Imafuku, the thinktank behind the award winning work Hotel Facility For Guests:Cave Bar by Akitoshi Imafuku demonstrates, This bar is located in the site of a ryokan (Japanese hotel) and it is for the guests who are staying. They only designed to highlight the beauty of nature and turned the cave into an unforgettable bar. The cave was left untouched after the former owner gave up making a tunnel and nobody saw the beauty hidden in the cave. They were inspired by stalactite cave. How nature creates stalactites, and how stalactites makes a plain cave mysteriously beautiful. With the simple design and the original icicle-like glass lights, supermaniac wish their design to be stalactites for the cave..

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